Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday Morning Thoughts

Last night’s fundraiser for the Hampton Roads Men’s Chorus was wonderfully. It was held in the gorgeous home of the owners of Decorum Furniture which was largely rebuilt after suffering severe damage during Hurricane Isabel back in 2003. The house is magnificent with a spectacular water view of the Lafayette River (this area has a large number of rivers and inlets that ultimately connect into Chesapeake Bay). The weather was cool, but still warm enough to allow the French doors to the wrap around back porch overlooking the water to be left open. A combination of good food, a gracious setting, several musical pieces performed by members of the Chorus (a couple of them are real hotties) and good company made for a tremendous event. I am very happy that I was one of the sponsors and may have picked up a client or two as an added bonus. Unfortunately, I probably should have foregone a glass or two of red wine later in the evening so that I’d be feeling a wee bit more energized this morning!

I am looking forward to the Obama event this evening. His local field organizer is here at the office as I type this post downloading and printing materials. In an interesting coincidence, she went to the same high school as my oldest daughter and was also in the International Baccalaureate program, although a few years behind my daughter. She did not know my daughter but was familiar with who she was since my daughter was popular, involved in many activities and well know even before her bout with meningitis her senior year that received so much media coverage. We have had some laughs reading Frank Rich’s column in today’s New York Times ( that is somewhat less than kind to the Clintons. We also reveled in Obama's clean sweep of victories yesterday.

I checked my tagged bloggers on yesterday’s meme and sure enough Java has already followed through and posted her reasons for blogging, many of which I identify with as well. Java has become a great friwend and we hope to meet in person sometime this year. Lord knows what mischief that might yield. As readers might have noted, Magic Bellybutton has indicated her approval that I did not break the chain of the meme. For those who have not read her blog, I highlight recommend it. Her wit, style with words and sense of humor are amazing.

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