Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Observations on the Virginia Primary Results

The local Democratic Party primary results are in and the margin for Obama is staggering: Obama carried the Hampton Roads area by percentages ranging from 65% in conservative Virginia Beach to 79% in Hampton. Norfolk went for Obama with him receiving 70% of the votes. Even in reactionary Chesapeake where Huckabee beat McCain 48% to 44%, Obama got 71% of the vote. The other thing that is interesting is that state wide, more than twice as many people voted in the Democrat Primary as opposed to the GOP contest. Another interesting phenomenon was the number of Republicans voting in the Democrat primary – for Hillary. I witnessed it myself at my precinct as did a number of friends (some friend even confessed that they did it). Why did they do it? This couple quoted by Andrew Sullivan ( tells the reasoning – they wanted Hillary to win because they see her as more easily defeated in November:

My wife and I have never voted for anything left of Republican, frequently voting on the Conservative party line when available. Yet today, we both voted for Hillary in the VA primary. Why? Because it seems McCain has it wrapped up, so why waste our vote on the Republican side; she is a lot less scary than Obama in many ways (better the Devil you know), and I think she is more easily beaten with her high negatives and lack of charisma. So we were part of the high Dem turn out today which I am sure you will hear about. And there is no way we will ever vote Dem in November.

Without such voters, Hillary would have been even more resoundingly beaten yesterday. I hope the superdelegates are paying attention.

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