Friday, May 18, 2007

Meet My Readers

The first of my readers that I would like to introduce is Euphoric from Real Euphoria ( out of Australia. Euphoric describes himself as follows:

I’m 35 and don’t mind getting older. I think part of it is I know I look good for my age, probably due to the youthful blessings of genetics. Career wise I spent 10 years or so in marketing and advertising, primarily in Sydney. But after while I got fed up with plastic world and unethical expectations on me just to make shareholders happy! I didn’t like working around people who didn’t have an eye on the future but merely on appearances. So I quit, picked up and moved to Queensland where I made a choice to only work for a not for profit. I truly wanted my job to benefit the community. So I looked at opportunities and took one. Since then I have had one job change but have stayed in the sector. It helps when you love what you do.

I love Euphoric’s belief in love and his way of looking at relationships. His posts frequently really touch my heart and mind. I am glad to have come to know him through his Blog. I will let Euphoric tell you a bit more about himself:

All my bloging friends know that I am a relationship kinda guy. So being single at the moment gives me time to think and work on myself. I remember relationships I have been in and how after you have been seeing each other for sometime how you become complacent. Not in every way, but because you are concentrating on the practicalities that come with life you spend more time thinking about that and less about what made you fall in love in the first place. I remember someone once saying that when you wake up every day you should thank the universe for giving you this person. Everyday remember the things you love about them and everyday tell them you love them (and mean it).

I recommend his blog, Real Euphoria, without qualification.

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