Friday, May 18, 2007

Meet My Readers - Part 2

The second of my readers that I would like to introduce is Jim of Though Lovers Be Lost ( based out of Toronto, Canada. Jim has encouraged me in my Blog effort and believes that telling my story may help others to avoid some pit fall or find their way to self-acceptance. He has a great wit and biting sense of humor as his blog displays. He’s His description of himself:

I'm 43, will be 44 in October. I spent over 20 years in the IT/Telecommunications field, most of it on Bay Street (or as we say, a slave in the concrete jungle). During many of those years, I focused solely on career, so, since 2002, I've been slowly getting my own life back. I work for myself, doing some consulting work, the occasional seminar, some speaking.

I'm a book worm, when in the mood, I can devour a book a day. I love music, I usually am listening to one of my CDs loaded in iTunes while I'm working. I love comedy! Some of the comedians I have seen live over the years are Robin Williams, George Carlin, Dave Allen (remember Dave Allen at Large?), Bob Newhart, Red Skelton, Victor Borge, Bob Hope and many others. I have a truly filthy laugh.

I've always subscribed to leave people better than you found them. Another favourite is listen intently, love intensely.
I enjoy writing, as you can tell from some of the lengthier essays on my blog. I finally got into blogging after a few friends pushed me to give it a go. I can be opinionated at times, grumpy at others :) I have a low tolerance for BS. Working for one firm, I developed a highly sensitive BS detector. :)
I encourage you to check out Jim's Blog.

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Anonymous said...

Here comes the humour :)

You forgot the warning near the picture...

"Viewing this picture could infect your mind, curve your spine, and keep the Maple Leafs from winning the Stanley Cup"


Thanks for the write-up!