Monday, May 14, 2007

The Self-Evident Question That's Never Asked

Richard Rothstein over at QueerSighted ( has a great post on the ridiculousness on a constitutional basis for the anti-gay position of the Christianists controlling the GOP:

“Would Mitt Romney publicly pose a challenge to full civil rights for black Americans? Would he stand at a podium and suggest that Hispanics are not entitled to the core American promise of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness"? Would he appear on national television and deny inter-racial couples the right to marry? Obviously not. He would be met with national outrage that would dwarf the controversy that followed recent racist remarks by Don Imus.

But Romney--and too many other politicians--are free to talk about our rights openly, brazenly and with disdain and contempt--as if we're not even in the room. I don't mean to sound glib about this, but sometimes don't you feel like standing in front of the TV set and shouting: "Hey! We're standing right here! Hello! We exist. And guess what? We're American citizens not test tube subjects." Not since antebellum America has a group of people and their right to equality and basic human rights been publicly and nationally discussed and debated by Presidential candidates as if some humans have a divinely ordained right to determine the fate of other humans.”

A similar line of questioning is posted at Bloggernista (

“So, if as Romney said, “we’re all children of the same God,” why does he think that LGBT people should be denied the legal and economic benefits of marriage and other rights that heterosexual people take for granted on a daily basis? Shouldn’t he have to explain why he fought tooth and nail to overturn marriage rights for same-sex couples in Massachsetts? Or, is this really just another cynical attempt on his part to suck up to political trogolodytes like James Dobson and Pat Robertson while bashing LGBT people and our families to get elected?”

Why is it that NO ONE in the mainstream media has the balls and courage to ask these pandering politicians and their "political trogolodytes" (I love that term!!) masters this direct question and draw these analogies? Are they afraid Daddy Dobson and others of the lunatic fringe will threaten a boycott?
The mainstream news media is losing readers and viewers daily. Could it just be that the public is tired of a media that acts as the lap dog of the Christianists and the Bush White House? I know we watch less and less of the main network news because (1) it focuses too much on non-issues in the grand scheme of things (e.g., American Idol, Anna Nicole, etc.), and (2) seems to abandoned investigative reporting.

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Pink Elephant said...

I'd LOVE to see Daddy Dobson in that position. What's he gonna do? Boycott and give the presidency over to Hills or Obama? I don't think so.