Monday, March 20, 2017

Key West 2017 - Day 4

The husband and I continue to enjoy a much needed break in Key West.  Much of day four was a lazy day by the pool reading and interacting with other guests from across the country.  Unlike today, I did not do any legal work, nor did I review and respond to office e-mails.  One of my loves is reading and I got to indulge that love.

La Te Da - outside bar
In the afternoon, we made our annual pilgrimage to tea dance at La Te Da.  We were joined by our former neighbor in Hampton.  As always, we had a great time and I had a chance to indulge in one of my other loves: dancing.  For those visiting Key West who are here on a Sunday, I highly recommend La Te Da's tea dance.

We concluded the day with dinner at 7 Fish and were joined by both our former neighbor and friends from Washington, DC, who used to live in Norfolk.  The food and new location were wonderful.

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