Monday, December 19, 2016

Saturday Night Live Spoofs Trump and Reality

 Once again Saturday Night Live did a great spoof on Donald Trump over the weekend,.  Sadly, what is frightening is the fact that the spoof likely exposes the reality of what the Trump/Pence/Putin regime will bring to America.  Trump has no allegiance to anyone but himself and his overweening ego.   This country has been truly betrayed by those who voted for Trump and, of course by Trump himself who doesn't give a rat's ass about America or the cretins who voted for him,   I truly hoe that Trump voters quickly begin to reap what they sowed and they deserve every misfortune, betrayal and calamity imaginable. It may sound cruel, but I hope they suffer immeasurably.  And some of us will unmercifully remind them that their suffering is self-inflicted and the direct result of their laziness and willingness to fall for appeals to bigotry, racism and misogyny.  There are no limits to the suffering that these individuals deserve. .   

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