Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Face of Religious Based Hatred

If there ever was any doubt that religious discrimination was at work in Maine and other areas where gay rights were on the ballot, the professional homophobes - Peter LaBarbera and Matt Barber, two self-loathing closet cases in need of serious mental health intervention in my opinion - have made it crystal clear in their rantings. Box Turtle Bulletin has captured some of the venomous hate and religious bigotry under a spotlight:
They’re mad that even though Stand for Marriage Maine won, they weren’t hateful enough:
Christians PROMOTING homosexual relationships and “gay civil rights”? Above is a frame from the Stand for Marriage Maine TV ad “It’s Possible,” effectively endorsing the state’s “domestic partnership” law and “civil rights” based on homosexuality. See controversial text of ad below, and view the full ad
I agree with my good friend Matt Barber, who is also a Board Member of Americans For Truth in addition to his important work at Liberty Counsel. It is not ethical nor good strategy for the “pro-family” movement to promote one evil and public-policy disaster (changeable and sinful behavior as a government-backed “civil right”) to fight another (homosexual “marriage”). Yet that is precisely what the Yes on 1 campaign’s pro-domestic partnership ad called “It’s Possible” did. …We who claim to follow God are lacking in integrity if we promote the normalization of homosexuality as part of some (perhaps well-intentioned) utilitarian plan to ostensibly “save” traditional marriage.
This nation supposedly grants freedom of - and from - religion to all citizens, but truth be told, that doesn't hold true for GLBT citizens. Unconstitutional laws based on religious discrimination are just fine with our president and a gutless Congress. As I have said before, there I times I wish I could leave this country.

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Julián said...

Que frustrado me siento Michael, y no creas que España es el paraiso para los gays, aquí siempre estamos muy alerta con la iglesia católica, por ejemplo, en una de sus páginas web se burla de los gays americanos y se alegra por el resultado del referendum de Maine y luego señala a las leyes Españolas que protegen a los gays como objetivo a derruir.