Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Wednesday Male Beauty

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David C. Russell, Author said...

Hi Michael,
I just discovered your blog, used to live on the other end of Virginia, and unlike you find in mid life, my past experiences instruct otherwise on the issue of coming out. Perhaps what I long for is the next world, where redemption is achieved, relationships mended, worship voluntary, love fully known and fully expressed, mutual regard and respect, man-to-man relationships that work as well as human to human ones, on we could go.
I work from home and am often alone and wish I had guy company or a guy to email where we could over time learn to love and care about each other. Sounds ideal,
I know. Anyhow, wish you well on the journey and may the lessons you are to learn be what God intends to make you a more full person. I too am a blogger, Jewish roots of the Christian faith is a passion of mine. If anyone cares to contact me, do so via my blog. http://graftedinandonthejourney. Sending a cyber hug, could use one I guess!
Mellow Roc (David)