Sunday, November 01, 2009

Who Says Religion is an Immutable Trait?

The religious enemies of gays claim that sexual orientation is a choice and not immutable and, therefore, not worthy of anti-discrimination legal protections. Meanwhile, they disingenuously claim that religion is NOT a choice. Obviously, it is and I dedicate the above chart (via Joe. My. God) to Tony Perkins, James Dobson, et al


ZIRGAR said...

Just when you think people on the right can't get any more batshit insane in their reasoning for their hatred of anyone not like them, let alone gays, they outdo themselves. They're pathological in their insanity.

Hmmmmmmm, religion is an immutable trait, yet people convert all the time. What a quandry. I myself converted from Christianity to atheism. I wonder how they explain that? Weird. Also, I wonder why they ridicule and condemn Muslims when, using the right's logic, Muslims can't help being Muslim? You can't blame someone for something that isn't freely chosen, which is the nail they get their balls caught on, logically speaking, and which is why they keep trying to pin the "freely chosen" rap on homosexuality. It's complete bullshit. I'm getting to the point of being beyond even trying to debate or reason with these people. You simply cannot reason with unreasonable people. As Barney Frank famously stated, and I paraphrase, "Having a conversation with them would be like trying to have a conversation with a dining room table". Brilliant.

Great flow chart--I'm gonna borrow it.

Julián said...

A mi me duele muchisimo cuando afirman que los gays somos gays porque elegimos serlo, algo totalmente falso, injusto e inhumano, porque la sexualidad es algo humano, tan humano como la heterosexualidad. YO amo a los hombres, los quiero, y eso es algo humano, yo no he elegido ser así.

Lo que yo si elegí es dejar la religión, hacerme ateo, porque los "naturalmente nacidos en religión" solo predican odio y destrucción hacia sus congeneres humanos gays.

Y el odio y la violencia si que es algo remotamente humano: es nuestra herencia de nuestro pasado genético reptiliano de intolerencia, crueldad que las religiones monoteistas han bañado de sangre la historia humana.

Me gustaría saber la lista de crímenes o genocidios hechos por la minoría gay en la historia.