Monday, October 12, 2009

In Yet Another Blunder, Deeds Tells LGBT Virginians That He And McDonnell are Interchangeable

Fresh back for the National Equality March where frustration with the national Democrats was clearly in the air, I find an article in today's Virginian Pilot where both Taliban Bob McDonnell and Creigh Deeds are asked a series of questions on "social issues." On the issue of gay rights, the two candidates' response on gay marriage are basically interchangeable. Sadly, BOTH seem to believe their personal religious views should trump full equality under the civil laws, including civil marriage.
Q. What thoughts would you share with your children concerning same-sex marriage and partner benefits? Any experiences or insight that helped shape your opinions?
Deeds: We have taught our children that marriage is between one man and one woman, but discrimination is wrong and people should never be denied basic rights. My experience in the General Assembly working with legislators on both sides of these issues has taught me a lot about basic fairness and the possibility for finding common ground in many cases.
McDonnell: My Catholic faith teaches me that all human beings have intrinsic value and equal rights and I do not tolerate discrimination. I support the marriage amendment ( to the Virginia Constitution) and believe marriage should be between one women and one man. As attorney general, I hired the best and the brightest personnel based solely on merit and that is what I will do as governor.
When are the Democrats going to "get it" that taking various segments of their base for granted and occasionally patting them on the head like good little lap dogs is not going to work anymore. If the end result will not be significantly different, why bother to support Democrats who talk the talk but do NOT walk the walk - and why send them one's hard earned money?


pat mulligan said...

Yeah, Mike: Dumb & Dumber. When are we Virginians going to get a decent choice for our electeed officials? I sent Deeds some money, though. He seems a little better than the other idiot. Can you tell I am tired of all of this :o)

Anonymous said...

When you start a sentence with my Catholic faith teaches me...nuhuh.

This whole marriage is between one man and one woman but there's a possibility for finding common ground...what crap.

Just admit you want the 'gay vote' but clearly have no intention of doing anything towards granting equal rights under the law.

These are my choices for governor? Sad.