Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More Anti-Gay Insanity in Africa

Sometimes I think the clergy in countries like Burundi, an impoverished East African nation, are in league with the corrupt political leaders in search of ways to hold onto political power. Rather than address issues such as crushing poverty (per capita income is $400 per year), horrific political corruption, high infant mortality, and a basket case economy, these parasites focus on issues like persecuting gays and thereby keep the ignorant populace focused elsewhere so that they do not come to realize how badly they are being screwed by both the politicians and the self-indulgent clerics (62% of the population is Roman Catholic). I have said repeatedly that Catholicism and reactionary religion in general does best in areas of low educational levels and high ignorance (think the Deep South in the USA). Here are some highlights from The Advocate:
Tens of thousands of people from Burundi, an impoverished East African nation, demonstrated Friday in their capital of Bujumbura to demand the outlawing of homosexuality, reports Agence France-Presse. The demonstration, which drew up to 20,000 people, follows the government's failure to implement a law that would have criminalized homosexual acts. On February 17, senators voted through a draft criminal code law that abolished the death penalty, but rejected an amendment that outlawed homosexuality.
At Friday's protest, Jeremie Ngendakumana, the ruling party's chairman, said, "[We are] protesting today to support the [view of the] majority of Burundians that homosexuality should be punished by law. Homosexuality is a sin. It is a culture which has been imported to sully our morals and is practiced by immoral people."

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