Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Thoughts

So far my day has been pretty good. I went to church - and probably will need to get back to going more regularly since I am subletting part of my office space to the Lutheran Council of Tidewater to help with the overhead until the real estate market picks up again, whenever that might be - and then I met my two daughters for brunch at No Frill Grill here in Ghent and about two blocks from my church. We had a great visit and my oldest brought me up to date on the summer swim league team that she coaches at the pool where I was once on the board and pool president for two terms. She has 254 swimmers on her team ranging in age from 5 to 18. She loves coaching and is a natural talent with kids. I think she will be a great counselor when she starts her full time position at a Virginia Beach high school in August. The first swim meet is on this coming Saturday and I may go to watch the team hopefully beat a mean spirited arch rival team.
My younger daughter has two days off from work and is as busy as ever and will be going to Richmond later today to see a friend and then on to Washington, D.C., where a band she knows is putting on a show. They are both smart, poised young women and I am ever so proud of them. As is typical, our conversation also included politics and their strong desire to see Obama elected as president. My oldest who voted a straight GOP ticket (other than for Bush) in her first election experience plans to vote a straight Democrat ticket this year. She is one of many younger voters that the Chimperator, Karl Rove and the Christianists have driven from the GOP.
The TACT fundraiser yesterday had a huge turn out of probably 350 to 400 people. I avoided playing volleyball and read a book and worked on my tan from about 1:30 PM until 5:00PM when the party/fundraiser began. In addition to food and adult beverages, there war a great DJ and we had a fair group who danced for hours. It was a great event although it was weird having large numbers of red-neck fishermen on the pier below the upper deck where the event was held. I will confess to being naughty: I wore a white shirt - there was a white party theme - that had the legend "Stop Gay Oppression - Spay ot Neuter and Evangelical" aross the chest. Needless to say, I wore a shirt over it when descending down to the pier level. : )
Thankfully, the wind has finally shifted today from a south southwesterly direction so that for the first time in days we are not getting blanketed with smoke and/or awful smells from the wild fires burning in northeaster North Carolina. The sunset on the pier last night was surreal due to the sun setting in a haze of smoke particles which created a pink/red glow in the sky. Fortunately, up on the Bay the smell was nowhere near as bad as in other parts of the metropolitan area.

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Unknown said...

Happy Father's Day blogger buddie !

You deserve finally having one.

No need to wish me one, ain't got no munchkins.

At least none I know about anyway.