Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Red to Blue Race - Glenn Nye for Congress

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is targeting support for Democratic candidates seen as having a very strong chance of defeating incumbent Republicans in its "Red to Blue" program. Locally, Glenn Nye's race against Virginia 2nd District GOP Congresswoman, Thelma Drake, has been added to the Red to Blue program. Having met Glenn several times now and in light of Thelma Drake's unfortunate lock step voting with the Chimperator (she voted against Jim Webb's GI Bill amendments), it is obvious that not only the 2nd Congressional District, but the nation as a whole, will benefit if Glenn is elected to Congress to bring new, right thinking leadership to Congress. While I consider Thelma Drake a friend, the time has come to elect someone else who will lead the country in a new direction and who will support equality for all Americans regardless of their sexual orientation.
Information about Glenn can be found here and contributions through the Red to Blue program can be made here. Please help support Glenn's campaign.

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