Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fred Phelps - the True Face of Christianists

Not surprisingly, Fred Phelps and his fellow hate-filled, delusional followers from the Westboro Baptist "Church" are on the road to California to protest the start of gay marriages this coming week. Needless to say the spittle and bile are flying as indicated by the "notice" put out by these hate merchants below. Like other in the gay community, I beleive Phelps should be given LOTS AND LOTS of media attention. His basic message is actually little different than that marketed by disingenuous Daddy Dobson, Klan loving Tony Perkins, and cosmetic surgery gone bad Beverly Ms. LaHaye. He is just more honest about how hate filled their perverted version of Christianity has become. One hears nothing about love of neighbor from these folks. rather, it's non-stop all about who they hate: gays, those pesky brown-skinned Mexicans, blacks, non-Christians, and immigrants of all stripes, to name just a few. The more the media displays Phelps and those like him, the more fully members of the younger generation (and hopefully, many others will too) are dismissing fundamentalist Christianity as the force for evil which it truly has become. Here are some highlights of Michael Petrelis' thoughts on Phelps, et al:
Every effort should be made to help Phelps get the media attention he so desires, all the better to have him be the public face of anti-marriage equality, and for gay leaders to wisely use him to move California voters to vote against the November ballot initiative.
Phelps' hateful messages targeting gay people and American soldiers are repulsive and I believe many voters who are on the fence about the fall initiative can't emotionally associate with his rhetoric, and he can push voters to do the right thing at the ballot box for us. I'm very much anticipating dueling photos of his clan's twisted blood-lust versus images of public love from the gays streaming into City Hall to make American history.
I'll be sure to stop by wherever Phelps is doing his demonstration, and thank him for showing up, lending his important voice to the gay marriage cause. America in her heart does not hate fags or the soldiers, and this reverend plays a crucial role in bringing out the love America wants to express for gays and our servicemen and women in Iraq.


Java said...

Oh goody! Phelp's god hates me too, since I am a "fag-enabler". I feel I can rightly take my place in the world now.

Michelle said...

Oh yeah Java - he hates me as well.

Meanwhile, with god hating all these people and places, when does s/he have time to love people?