Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Blogger Meet Up

I received a telephone call today from my blogger friend Java Jones of My Life or Something Like It who lives in South Carolina. I was thrilled to find out that she is coming to the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area. We have been in contact for many months (since at least August of 2007) via e-mail, comments and occasional telephone calls and Java, a/k/a Doris, is a real sweetheart. Anyone who has not checked out her blog should do so. She and her husband have gaiven a home to two gay teenagers who were thrown out of their homes for being gay. She's a true angel of mercy. We were going ot get together tonight, but her drive in from Baltimore is taking longer than expected and it's getting late (i.e., 9:45 PM and she's still an hour out). Thus, we will get together tomorrow sometime. She will be staying with relatives in Virginia Beach about 25 minutes from me. I cannot wait to meet her in person, give her a big hug and no doubt share stories and I suspect many laughs and special moments.

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