Sunday, June 01, 2008

Brantingham Lake - Jay Randolph Monroe

It's interesting at times to find out that all kinds of people read your blog for various reasons. This morning I was surprised to find an e-mail that read in part as follows:
Hi- Writing an article on Jay R. Monroe. Spoke to his grandson who mentioned the estate which you mention on your blog. What became of the main house?
For newer readers, Jay R. Monroe was the founder of Monroe Calculating Machines (now a division of Litton) which opened for business in 1912. He had a vast summer estate that encompassed roughly half of Brantingham Lake in the western Adirondack Mountains in northern New York State. My family's summer home is part of the old Monroe estate - the caretaker's four bedroom "cottage" pictured to the right of the boathouse in the bottom photo) - which my mother's parents purchased in 1938 after Monroe died.
The main house of the Monroe estate is located on the largest island in the lake, Dark Island, and always stood out since it, the other smaller surrounding houses and it's large boathouse with eight boat slips were painted flamingo pink (and still are, as can be seen in the center right of the photo below through the trees). The area is incredibly beautiful and is one of my favorite places I have ever lived.

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