Wednesday, August 22, 2007

God's Warriors

CNN is doing a three part special report called "God's Warriors" with Christiane Amanpour. Last night the focus was on God's Jewish Warriors; tonight she's on the frontlines where religion and politics collide with God's Muslim Warriors. Tonight, 9 ET. Thursday evening, the focus will be on God's Christian Warriors. I watched last night and plan to watch the next two parts. I suspect that the end conclusion will be that fanatics of ANY faith are a menace to the larger society and world peace.
Last night's message was that religious belief should not control political policy because it eliminates rational thought and the ability to compromise. I also suspect that the series will make it clear that no one faith has a monopoly on having fundamentalist crazies.


Unknown said...

I watched it also, became aware of the program on another blog (sorry I don't remember which one, senior moment). I can't wait to see tonight & Thursday's episode and all the LGBT bashing.

Anonymous said...

If it weren't for my blood pressure sky-rocketing whenever I hear or read or watch a bunch of fundie religious people spouting a bunch of horse-shit, I'd probably watch that - lol.

I think its time that atheists and agnostics (like me) push back against these crazies that want to convert america into another theorcracy!

Anonymous said...

It's not merely that all Abrahamic religions have their fanatic zealots, hypocrites, or claim it is god's chosen and elect, nor that all three religions are based on a primitive tribal warrior class whose arrogance in usurping existent occupants for the deity's promised inheritance.

Rather, the Zionist Experiment, which began in the 1890s with Prophet Herzl, decided after nearly 1800 years in diaspora, on a new divination to re-occupy a land abandoned nearly two millennia earlier, and which had long since been "Israel." The Zionists' Law of Return caused Jews to invade Palestine, double-deal with the Palestinian aristocrats, buy some of them off, and then evict the others, so that the State of Israel was declared by Jews in 1948 without anyone else's consent. The Zionists Invaded, Occupied, and then Evicted the native Palestinians on the simple claim Palestine was Yahweh's promise to the Tribe in perpetuity, and they had reclaimed it as god required.

So, imagine, an Asian influx hits Norfolk, declares it THEIRS, and then evicts the native Norfolk residents from their lands and homes, largely WITHOUT compensation, not to mention WITHOUT anyone's consent, and declares it an Asian State? I bet just a few Norfolk residents before the Invasion, Occupation, and Eviction might RESENT their unilateral displacement by foreigners. It's simply "war" by "take-over."

RESENTMENT of Zionists' hubris, invasion, occupation, and eviction of Muslim Palestinians is HUGE. Every ARAB hates Israel. The U.S. was caught off guard by this take-over, but Holocaust Guilt, and the American Jewish Lobby (e.g., AIPAC) demanded the U.S. not only approve, but subsidize their new state. The U.S. could not get Israel to grant Palestinians their State, because of Jewish zenophobia of all non-Jews. But the U.S. finally capitulated to AIPAC, Jewish Lobby, and Israel's demands to support its actions, and within years, Israel became and remains the benefactor of the largest foreign aid -- SO LARGE, the aid to Israel alone exceeds aid to ALL OTHER countries. Now, imagine what Arabs think of the U.S.?

As the Great Satan behind Zionism's international legal violations, Israel remains the TARGET of ANGER. But as the U.S. capitulates to nearly every Israeli DEMAND, the U.S. is the GREAT SATAN. If Arabs can eliminate the U.S., Israel will fall. Europe has NEVER defended Zionism, and has been severely critical for decades. France, Germany, England, Spain, Italy, Greece, etc., all side with the Palestinian's against the Zionists.

Every time Arabs agree to an Israeli proposal, Zionist fanatics coerce its politicians to EXPAND into more Arab lands, financed by the U.S. through the most powerful Washington Lobby. A lobby of 1,000 groups that nearly had Bush I impeached for NOT subsidizing their SETTLEMENTS. Bush I caved under duress. To prove their clout, the Lobby was one of the biggest forces and financial resources to defeat Bush's re-election. To even challenge Israel's aggression, invasions, preemptive genocide of its neighbors gets AIPAC on the warpath. After Bush I, every politician defers to whatever Israel desires.

So, does anyone doubt that Arab hate of the U.S. is because it is a slave to Zionists? Krauthamer, Kristols, Peretz, and American Zionists were the advocates of the IRAQ invasion, and Wolfowitz its architect, to do Israel's dirty work, while Israel took-out the Gaza relocation camps and Lebanon Arabs. With Dupe as Leader, already impotent from 9/11, he has changed his raison d'etre four times. He is Israel's puppet (they just did not expect such an inept, incompetent, and delusional one). But 9/11 was NOT about the U.S., but about the U.S.'s unfailing support of Israel.

Finally, the nefarious duplicity of the Israeli Lobby, long criticized by Chomsky, Soros, Judt, and other Jews, has ignited a Stop-AIPAC organization in Berkeley to END U.S. dependence on Lawless, Irrational, and Illegal Zionists. Human Rights Watch still has Israel on its top violators list. Saddam Hussein's mistake was to believe if Israel could do it, why could he not do it in Gulf I? Because does not have a lobby.

Talk to some civil, decent, and honest Arabs in the U.S., and their hate of the Invaders borders on rage. As a friend from Lebanon asks, "What did Palestinians do to deserve such abuse?" Arabs have contributed far more to civilization that Zionists, a parasite of the U.S., and now ARABS hate us.

HATE PERMEATES THE REVENGE AND RETRIBUTION FROM ZIONISTS' EXPERIMENT. But God's Chosen believe they are exempt from human law and standards.

Unknown said...

And the US is no angel when it comes to occupation. I'm reminded of this when I have driven across country and everytime I visit Arizona. Does the term "Native American" mean anything to anyone??