Thursday, August 23, 2007 Takes Due Process Policies from Chimperator Bush

I am really disappointed in and planet out. A friend of mine who has been subjected to harassment by an individual who assaulted him has now had his account suspended based on an e-mail from a party who submitted a complaint. We strongly suspect that the party making the complaint is the same guy who has been harassing my friend and even sent a few obnoxious and threatening e-mails to my office (I have already filed a complaint with AOL since the e-mails came from an aol e-mail account). When I demanded to know the identity and/or e-mail address of the complaining party, the representative refused to disclose the information. I have sent a written demand on behalf of my friend, but so far has deemed it beneath them to reply.
Hmm, sounds like has adopted the Chimperator's or Nazi Germany's due process policies: he or an unnamed party can accuse you of something, have you arrested or your account suspended, and doesn't have to tell you the identity of the party making the complaint. You are charged, tried and convicted without know who the accuser is.

All of you with accounts be advised that apparently anyone with a grudge can make a false claim - all it takes is an e-mail to - and your account can be suspended and you have no recourse. If this is how Out do business, I am certainly going to have to rethink renewing my subscriptions to Out and the Advocate.

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