Sunday, August 19, 2007

Canada: A Different World from the USA - Political Movers And Shakers Attend Gay Politician's Wedding

This news article ( highlights just how different Canada is from the United States. In my view, Canada has become the "land of the free and home of the brave" while the USA becomes increasing reactionary and out of touch with social and legal rights for LGBT individuals in other advanced industrial countries. Add to that the police state laws that have been implemented under Chimperator Bush and one gets a very ugly picture. True, thing scould be worse, but the USA has certainly forfeited its leadership role in expanding human rights for all. Here are a few story highlights:

(Cheverie, Nova Scotia) As a heavy rain poured down on this picturesque Nova Scotia community, Scott Brison made history Saturday by becoming the first MP to marry his same-sex partner since gay marriage was legally recognized two years ago. The Liberal politician wed his partner Maxime St. Pierre at a ceremony in a small white church near Brison's country home in Cheverie.

Guests included Liberal Leader Stephane Dion, former prime minister Joe Clark, former Liberal defence minister Bill Graham, former New Brunswick premier Frank McKenna and Liberal MP John Godfrey. Also on the guest list was former prime minister Paul Martin, who led the Liberal government that passed the same-sex marriage legislation.

Brison is the second high-profile politician this summer to marry their same-sex partner. A few weeks ago, George Smitherman, Ontario's first openly gay cabinet minister, wed his partner Christopher Peloso at a lodge near Sudbury, Ont. Brison publicly acknowledged he is gay in 2002 and became Canada's first openly gay cabinet minister in 2004 after he crossed the floor of the Commons to join the Liberals.

Sadly, I do not anticipate a story like this occurring in the USA anytime soon. All because freedom of (and from) religion has been subverted in this country.

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