Saturday, March 10, 2018

Question of the Day: Why Do Bad Things Happen to the Good While the Horrible Live On

Trump surrounded by evangelical "Christian" leaders
The past seven days have been emotional and bring to mind the perennial question of why, if the Christian god exists, do bad things befall good people while foul and reprehensible people  (yes, I am talking about the current occupant of the White House) seemingly live on unscathed. A week ago, our nephew was badly injured in a freak accident that took the live of one of his employees who we knew from when our nephew's company did tile work in our master bathroom - they had also done the marble floors throughout the entire first floor of our home after it flooded in the 2009 Nor'Ida storm. Tuesday, one of my sons-in-law lost his father unexpectedly at a far too early an age.  All three of these men are/were devoted family men, honest in their dealings with others.  My son-in-law's father made a career out of protecting and helping others. All three are honest, decent men.  The contrast with Der Trumpenf├╝hrer could not be more stark.  

Adding to the quandary of the question posed above is the reality that those who most loudly claim to represent and revere the message of Christ are the ones most supportive of the most foul and toxic individual to ever occupy the White House.  Endless lies, serial adultery, the rescission of regulations that protect citizens from rapacious and greed driven corporations, corruption on an unprecedented scale are all either cheered on or dismissed as unimportant even as these same "Christians" judge and condemn others who overall lead far more exemplary lives than they themselves. Worse yet, they reject knowledge and bear hatred towards the majority of the world's population.  If they represent the Christian god, who would want to be a follower?  Indeed, 1/3 of Millennials have demonstrated that they want no part of it at all and have walked away from religion.  

But evangelicals do not have a monopoly on hypocrisy and ugliness.  The Roman Catholic Church remains racked with sex abuse scandals literally around the globe yet no bishops and cardinals who allowed these horror to happen - and continue to happen - have been punished.  Indeed Pope Francis attended the funeral of one of the most reprehensible protectors of child rapist, Cardinal Bernard Law. Meanwhile the Catholic Church demeans women, condemns gays, and puts protecting its wealth ahead of all else.  Again, if these are what it means to be "Christian," why should anyone decent want any part of it?

I ceased calling myself a Catholic close to two decades ago.  Several years back, I joined author Anne Rice in ceasing to call myself a Christian because I wanted no association with those horrible, hate and bigotry-filled individuals who claim that moniker.  Like Jefferson, by default I am a deist.  I believe there is a creator, just not the one depicted in the Bible - or the Koran for that matter.  I will never know the answer to my question, but I do know that the answer is not found in Christianity as practiced by far too many of its adherents. 

PS.  Yes, I am in a negative mood.  As icing on the cake for a horrible week, we lost one of our dogs yesterday. It's 7:05 am and I feel like I could use a drink!


Anonymous said...

Time provides perspective. Do not look for justice. Follow Voltaire's Candide's directive: tend your garden. Sorry for your losses.

RichardR said...

Sorry, Michael, for the string of crappy realities. One of them, all by itself, would be P L E N T Y, if not too damn much. You are, of course, asking the ultimate question, to which there's no answer, whether comforting or not. It's unanswerable whether or not god exists, and whether or not trump is president. Deep breaths. Give it some time. I'm glad you have good things and good people in your life.