Monday, November 08, 2010

Hawaii Is Positioned to Pass Civil Unions

Personally, I view civil unions for LGBT citizens as a form of "separate and unequal" effort that only serves in theory to placate the anti-gay Christofascists who blather on about the "sanctity of marriage." I say in theory because in reality, the Christianist want LGBT citizens either invisible or, more preferably, dead. That said, if it's civil unions or nothing whatsoever in terms of recognition of same sex couples (as is the case here in backwater Virginia), then I'll take civil unions. While last week's election contained much bad news for the LGBT community, there were some bright spots, one of which was Hawaii where a gay-friendly Democrat has replaced the out going hypocrite Republican Gov. Linda Lingle. The twice divorced Ms. Lindle vetoed legislation last summer that would have granted civil unions, citing the Bible as justification even though she has no trouble ignoring the Bible's condemnation of divorce. While the Christianists are winning some of the battles, long term they are losing the war on gay marriage and the legal recognition of same sex couples. Here are highlights from the Washington Post:
Hawaii voters opened the way for same-sex civil unions to become state law next year, with an election that gave victory to a pro-gay rights gubernatorial candidate and rejected many church-backed candidates.
The state House and Senate retained the Democratic majorities that approved a civil unions bill this year before it was vetoed, and Democratic Gov.-elect Neil Abercrombie has said he will sign a similar law if passed by the Legislature.
The move would make Hawaii, long a battleground in the gay rights movement, the sixth state to grant essentially the same rights of marriage to same-sex couples without authorizing marriage itself.
Only one incumbent lawmaker who backed civil unions lost election last Tuesday despite efforts by opponents of civil unions who held large rallies to show legislators their feelings earlier this year.
In his race against Republican James "Duke" Aiona, who said civil unions are the same as same-sex marriage, Abercrombie consistently backed gay rights and said he would sign a civil unions bill if it reaches his desk. Abercrombie also testified in favor of the bill at the Hawaii Capitol.
Religious groups - especially evangelical Protestants, Catholics and Mormons - will continue their efforts to convince lawmakers to vote against civil unions through letters, e-mails and possible demonstrations against the legislation, known as HB444.
Yet again we see the Mormon and Catholic Churches interfering with CIVIL law matters and election issues. WTF is the IRS doing letting these


Stephen said...

Watch for Mormons to spend a lot to oppose it. If the 9th district appellate judges reverse the ruling on Prop. 8 here, accepting constitutional amendments targeting a minority, I intend to attempt to place one on the ballot targeting the LDS church. said...


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