Monday, October 25, 2010

Peter LaBarbera Stoops to a New Low - Even By His Disgusting Standards

Back in December 2008 I had the very good fortune to meet Jeremy Hooper, editor of Good As You at the LGBT Blogger Summit in Washington, D.C. Jeremy is smart, witty, honest and willing to take the battle to defeat anti-gay lies to the Christianists who disseminate them. In contrast, Peter LaBarbera who I have interacted with at times over the years is, in my opinion, a self-loathing closet case who can't stand the fact that some gays have moved past their religious brainwashing and refuse to live an unhappy lie like LaBarbera is doing himself. Worse yet, from my dealings with LaBarbera he is a pathological liar who has made a career bouncing from one anti-gay "family values" organization. Now, after leaving - being fired? - a string of organizations, LaBarbera runs the disingenuously named "Americans for Truth About Homosexuality." I say disingenuously named because truth is one thing that is wholly missing when it comes to LaBarbera.
Getting back to Jeremy, when he and his partner got married he posted about the wedding - which was a beautiful event and ultimately was featured in the 2010 Martha Stewart Weddings - to show the world the beauty of same sex love. Now, Peter LaBarbera has applied graffiti to one of Jeremy and Andrew's wedding photos in an attempt to making it into something ugly (see below). Jeremy may not want to attack LaBarbera in anger, but I have no such reticence. Porno Pete, you are disgusting and continue to be living proof of why one might be well advised to avoid self-congratulatory Christians like yourself and Christianity as a whole. The only perversion that I see is you, Porno Pete.

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