Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!!

I wish all my readers a Happy New Year and hope that 2009 brings all of you happiness and success in your endeavors. My New Year's Eve was a nice one and involved a group (close to 35 of us) of us - mostly gay couples, some straight couples, and a couple single folks going out to an Italian restaurant for dinner - the b/f treated me as usual so the ex-wife who follows this blog can't claim I'm spending money that I should be otherwise sending to her - and then we came back to the boyfriend's house for wine, dessert, and champagne at Midnight. As usual, the crowd was an interesting mix and included a military wife whose husband is currently in Afghanistan and her aunt from Louisiana, our dear friend who owns the Nags Head beach house, a gay couple visiting from Boston, and the "usual suspects" from the Hampton gayborhood if you will.

Today I receive the rest of my Christmas gift from the boyfriend - we are going to New York City and will stay at the condo owned by one of his friends in the West Village and return Sunday evening to Hampton. The last two weeks at work have been nuts - especially this week which saw a flurry of year end activities, including closing a moderate size commercial transaction on property located in a rural location southwest of Richmond. With the court houses closed everyday except Monday and Tuesday, the logistics were insane, but we got the job done. A few days away with a change of scenery to vegetate will be much appreciated. And again, for the benefit of the ex-wife, he is covering all costs. He is such a treasure. :) 2008 sucked in many ways for me, but our finding each other more than compensates for the bad experiences. I love him very much.

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