Sunday, December 28, 2008

Milk the Movie

A reader wrote "We saw the movie "Milk" on Christmas Day, and we hope that many, many people will see it, especially the young people. Inspiring! It has to help the cause! Did you write about it? I may have missed a post..."
Actually, I did see the movie and thought it was wonderful and a "must see" not only for LGBT Americans, but for everyone. I was very moved and will confess that at times I felt myself tearing up. It was at the LGBT Blogger Summit on December 5-7, 2008, that the boyfriend and I had the unique opportunity of seeing a special screening of the movie Milk and then engaging in a panel discussion session where Cleve Jones (one of Harvey Milk's fellow activists), Dustin Lance Black (the screen writer) and Bruce Cohen (the producer) took questions from the audience. The movie is now playing in Norfolk and we intend to see the movie again. As indicated in my post at the time:
One message that I took away from the whole experience - not to mention specific portions of the movie itself - was that LGBT citizens need to come out of the closet and live openly. The fastest way to dispel the lies put out by our enemies is to allow friends and neighbors to come to realize that we - their doctors, lawyers, fellow business owners, etc. - are just like everyone else save and except who we fall in love with.

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Anonymous said...

hi michael. just wanted to say congratulations for coming out...even in mid-life! i came out (as a lesbian!) at 48. it's soooo much better.