Friday, January 02, 2009

New York City - First Full Day

Last night was fun and the boyfriend and I went dancing at the Monster just a short walk down Christopher Street from the place we are staying. After a lazy morning, we had lunch at a deli near Times Square and then spent the afternoon at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We spent the bulk of our time in the newly reopened Greek and Roman exhibition and then a lesser amount of time in the Egyptian exhibition and European painters area. As a history major, I have taken courses and read lots of books on the Greco-Roman and Hellenistic periods. The exhibition was amazing and thoroughly enjoyable.
This evening, we stopped back by the Monster for a cocktail with another couple from Hampton Roads before going to Cowgirls - a lesbian bar/restaurant - for a light dinner. Once the boyfriend wakes up from his "disco nap" we will head out to a club and enjoy New York's lively gay night life. Tomorrow I expect we will do a Broadway show and more sightseeing. No doubt the ex-wife will be peeved that I am having a nice time - AND that the b/f is paying for everything so she cannot claim that I've spent a dime that should have gone to her. While I am here, I am also working on some legal documents so that she can't claim I should have worked all day today.

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Java said...

Have a wonderful time in NYC. Enjoy yourself and ignore the ex-wife.