Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You think you can just do what to that hot california constitution?

Take a look at this viral spot for "No on Proposition 8" produced by HOMOtracker. It's one of a series of message ads that are based on the well-known, successful, and oft-imitated "Mac vs. PC" script. In this case, the script works wonderfully. I truly hope that all readers in California will make sure that they are registered and that they get out an vote. If possible, donate to stop Proposition 8 HERE.


Anonymous said...

That's the real question isn't it, Michael? Is the California gay community doing their part?

From what I've seen via the blog, it's kind of lackadaisical.


I'm not really yet, and I really don't know who to ask because of, well, you know, but it would appear that one of the people who helped create a yes on hate website is gay.

Anonymous said...

very good! Is this on TV or just the web?