Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Do Log Cabin Republicans Support the Sodomy Laws?

I frequently take the Log Cabin Republicans ("LCR") to task for their deranged support of the Republican Party in the face of all the objective evidence that the Party (i) will not ever be changed by their efforts, (ii) has strayed far from the fiscal policies they claim to support, and (iii) would make many of them potential felons again by re-enacting the sodomy laws. I do not know where many of the yahoos in the LCR live, but let me assure you that here in Virginia every gay was subject to potential arrest and a felony prosecution up until the decision in Lawrence v. Texas. Does anyone want to return to that scary status? Apparently some in the LCR do because they support John McCain who has pledged to appoint Supreme Court justice of a mindset that would overturn Lawrence v. Texas (and many other important decisions). For the life of me, I cannot understand the LCR. Are they just plain stupid or self-hating and seeking punishment for being gay? 365gay.com has a column that looks at this idiocy on the part of the LRC. Here are some highlights:
I’m confused by Log Cabin Republicans. I see their booths at gay events, I even became friends with one or two in law school, but still, the idea of voting for a party that works against your equal rights amazed me.
The next election may choose four years of economic and social policy, but it will also make one other important choice that will affect the rights of gays and lesbians for at least three generations to come: Supreme Court appointments. Today, the Court has four liberal justices, Ginsburg, Stevens, Souter and Breyer. And four conservative appointments who tow the party line, Alito, Roberts, Scalia and Thomas. Kennedy, a conservative appointment who waffles, has often been the necessary vote to tip the balance in the liberals’ favor.
He was in the most recent Roe v. Wade challenge and again in Lawrence v. Texas. This is important to understand, Lawrence v. Texas is the same decision that allowed Log Cabin Republicans to have sex at all, legally, in many of their home states.
If Obama becomes president he would, at least, be able to maintain the status quo, maybe put a woman or two up there, and create a few more years of an even fight for those hoping for progressive judgments. If McCain wins, two conservative appointments would shift the majority, leave us with six conservative votes, and little hope for the rights of gay men to engage in sexual intercourse legally. It’s not just gay men who will suffer.
Log Cabin Republicans may advocate gradual legislative change, but when the very act of love that defines your personal identity (and membership in your group, I assume) is threatened, perhaps sacrificing a few years of small government is worth it.


Unknown said...

As a blogger friend and also as a Log Cabin Republican (who is voting for Obama I may add) at times I think you're a bit harsh on the G/L brethen of the LCR.

Yes it's your blog of course, but I look at the LCR (and why I joined several years ago) that change often comes from the inside, not always from the outside.

Yes it's a log road to hoe, but when you believe in the fundamental Republican platform when it comes to the Government and policies, there's nothing for me to be the least bit ashamed of in being a LCR.

Do I cringe when the Ultra-Conservatives open their mouth on "moral values" ?

Hell no, I puke !

For every Ultra-Conservative nutcase their is an Ultra-Liberal nutcase.

Being Gay and a Democrat is easy, being Gay and a Republican takes balls.

And I'm damn proud I've got brass ones!

Michael-in-Norfolk said...

As I have often said, I was once a Republican myself and Party activist unti the Party was hijacked by the Christianists. I also understand the change from within argument, but ultimately I decided that it would not work and that only severe losses at the polls - perhaps even over several election cycles - would eventually get the message across that the Christianist, America love it or leasve platfom simply cannot win any longer.

Living in a less crazy state with a less toxic GOP probably makes you approach easier. At the state level in Virginia, the GOP is even nuttier than at the national level, believe it or not.