Saturday, February 09, 2008

Meme: Why Do I Do This?

Real Euphoria ( has tagged me for the ‘Three Reason’s Why I Blog’ meme so I obviously have to participate (especially since he was tagged by Magic Bellybutton - - who no doubt would be most displeased with me if I broke the chain!): There are some rules: (1) list three reasons why I blog, (2) List da rulz, (3) tag three other bloggers. In any event, here goes:
Three reasons why I blog? If I thought about it at length, there’s no doubt some deep psychological aspect to it. But the first three reasons I can think of are the following:

1. Blogging gives me a way to express my feelings and to talk about my thoughts and my life in a way that does not readily present itself in everyday life. First, there are very few people that one comes upon with whom you feel at ease in spilling your guts and innermost thoughts. I know it perhaps seems strange that I often put everything out on the Internet for the world to see when I would not dare tell someone in person about it. Yet when I am writing my private thoughts, it does not feel as if I have any particular audience – it is more like I was merely talking to myself. Particularly, when I first began this project and had very few regular readers. Also, I can vent at any hour of the day or night when the need/urge presents itself. Likewise, I do not need to have a captive audience in front of me. It truly allows me to vent in a very helpful, therapeutic way (or so it seems to me).

2. Blogging has allowed me to “meet” wonderful, intelligent, witty and charming individuals from literally around the globe. It is not uncommon for me to receive e-mails or comments in any given day from Australia, Kenya, South Africa, Portugal, Canada, and assorted other countries. Through these new “friends,” if you will, I have found thoughtful people who I genuinely care about (as they likewise seem to feel towards me). Plus, they offer analysis of politics, current events, and simple aspects of life from multiple perspectives. Though scattered around the world, I have found that we amazingly have very much in common. If I am upset or depressed, I know I can receive constructive and caring support from the other side of the world, if need be.

3. While it may sound egotistical, I hope that some of what I talk about may help others, especially closeted gays who are trying to figure out how to move on with their lives. I readily concede that I have made countless mistakes in my life and with the benefit of hindsight should have done many things differently. If someone can learn from my errors or find some ray of hope that the coming out process can be survived later in life, then there will have been some meaning for my pain and tribulations. Moreover, I hope I can help them to know that they are not alone.

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