Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Mike Huckabee Still Wants to Legislate Who is a Family

According to his statements on CNN's American Morning on Monday, February 4, 2008, Mike Huckabee - or Mike Fuckabee as per my Aussie friend at Magic Bellybutton - STILL cannot grasp the concept of separation of church and state. Likewise, he cannot seem to grasp that the Constitution was never intended to allow the Christianists to impose their religious views on all other citizens. Moreover, while he makes meally-mouth statements about the "intrinsic value of each human life" (both on CNN and during the last GOP debate), gays are somehow in actuality excluded from being so valued. We somehow do not merit such valuation based on Huckabee's past clearly stated anti-gay positions.
In short, he needs to be honest and flat out state that in his view, gays are not fully human and stop the platitudes that he doesn't really believe in or support. Of course, if he did that people would recognize that Huckabee is not a very nice person notwithstanding his "aw shucks" nice guy routine. The guy is a menace and it is scary that he did as well as he did in yesterday's primaries. Here is a short summary via PageOneQ (
GOP presidential candidate and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee reiterates his stance on amending the Constitution to reflect his values. Having previously expressed a desire to align the country's values with "God's standards," to the delight of anti-gay pundit Tony Perkins, Huckabee stresses the "sanctity of life" and the desire to officially adopt the "traditional" definition of marriage on a national level.

"States," says Huckabee, "are enacting laws that, in fact, really create a confusion about whether same-sex marriage is legal or not." He goes on to call the "human life amendment" a "defining issue for our civilization and culture." "Are we going to be a culture of life," Huckabee asks, "or a culture of death?" Americans should recognize the intrinsic worth of each human life, he continues.

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Jos76 said...

I'm shocked and disappointed that Huckabee would take money from struggling, hard-working Americans in order to fund his campaign. He said in his drop-out speech that it was..."the sacrifices of a truck driver in Michigan, of a housewife who sold her wedding ring on eBay and gave the contribution to the campaign, a janitor in Alabama who has a wife in a wheelchair who gave $20, not out of his abundance, but out of his poverty, so that our campaign could stay on the track." In a bad economy, why would someone running for President take their money to fund a campaign that was clearly going to be fruitless? What would become of the economy if selfish Huckabee were President?