Monday, February 04, 2008

Why the Presidential Election is so Important

I suspect some readers wonder why I am so vocal/passionate on the Democrat primary and why I am so fearful about Hillary Clinton winning the Democrat nomination only to lose the general election in November. My biggest concern is that the Democrat nominee be able to win in November. For my previously stated reasons and her ability to unite the GOP like no one else, I do not think Hillary can win. Certainly not if John McCain is the GOP nominee. This is important because given the age of a number of the sitting U. S. Supreme Court justices, it is very likely that during the next four years, several justices will retire or die (I am praying that they all hang on through January 20, 2009). Whoever wins in November will likely set the direction of the Supreme Court for much of the next generation. If more conservative justices are appointed by the next president, at my age I suspect I will never live to see full LGBT equality in the United States. If the GOP candidate wins in November, I truly believe I will have to decide between remaining a second class citizen in the USA or leaving the country.

In addition to concerns for the LGBT community, I worry about the future this country holds for my children if a serious change in direction does not occur. Four (or eight) more years of GOP economics and I feel certain that the plight of the middle class will continue to be dreadful. Already the wealth disparities have widened significantly making the USA more like a third world country when it comes to income distribution. I also doubt that any significant effort will be made to fix our dreadfully lacking health care system under another GOP administration. By example, while he is working, my son has no health insurance through his job and he, like many others find themselves, is largely cut off from preventative treatment and diagnostic tests. This is why the USA places last among developed industrial countries when it comes to preventable deaths. This is a travesty in a nation where corporate CEO’s walk away with hundreds of millions of dollars in salaries and benefits each year. A sea change is needed and I believe that Obama is the best hope for bringing such change.

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