Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Presidential Candidates’ Net Worth

I happened across these figures on and thought it somewhat interesting. While Barack Obama is not what one would call of modest means when compared to most American households, of the past and current candidates listed, he and his wife have far more in common with the average voter than any of the other candidates. To me, it surely would make it easier for them to understand the plight of the typical family (be that family a gay or straight household). As much as Bill and Hillary claim to be the champions of the common man or woman, they are not living in the same world financially as the rest of us.
Mitt and Ann Romney $202 million
John and Elizabeth Edwards $ 54.7 million
Rudy Giuliani $ 52.2 million
John and Cindy McCain $ 40.4 million
Hillary and Bill Clinton $ 34.9 million
Fred Thompson $ 8.1 million
Barack and Michelle Obama $ 1.3 million**
** The information on Salon did not include Mike Huckabee.

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