Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday Ramblings

I have begun the process of having some prospective roommates come by the house. I was energetic this morning and cleaned the house, cleaned the bathroom, tidied up, and such fun tasks. It always seems so weird meeting people with whom one may end up living for the first time. I don't know if apprehensive is the right word - just a feeling of awkwardness, I guess. Time will tell what the outcome will be.
Now, I am at the office working on a notice of redemption for a bond series for an apartment complex that is going to be refinanced. Tax-exempt bond financing is one of my unusual areas of expertise. It clearly is not the most exhilarating work, however. With the residential real estate market basically dead, I thank God that I have had a burst of commercial work come in the door. That and estate planning documents for LGBT clients will go some way to make up the drop in the residential work.
The weather has turned beautiful - warm days and cooler evenings - the heat and humidity of summer have faded. In many ways, the second half of September and October are the nicest time of the year here in Southeastern Virginia.

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