Monday, September 24, 2007

Out of town

I am in Charlottesville for a conference tomorrow and my computer access will be limited. I am visiting my mom ( who has turned in fir the night)as I type this, then a conference on foreclosure issues hosted by a State Housing Authority to address the ballooning number of foreclosures and certain unethical "foreclosure rescue" schemes that take advantage of homeowners in financial distress. Several real estate investors from Tidewater will be there tomorrow too. Our goal is to craft legislation to be introduced in the legislative session that will provide safe harbor guide lines for investors and protect homeowners too. I still know many members of the Virginia General Assembly, so we hope to recruit bi-partisan sponsors for the bill. It should be interesting.
Tomorrow afternoon after the conference, I will bid my mom goodbye and head home, stopping in Richmond to have dinner with my youngest daughter who is a student at VCU. She alone of my kids is standing by me currently. She's a sweetheart and smart young lady. For those who have seen the crazy teen movie "Super Bad," she looks a lot like a shorter haired version of Emma Stone [pictured above] who plays Jules.
Depending upon when I get back to Norfolk, I may post some tomorrow night.

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