Sunday, April 18, 2010

Remembering Our Christian Allies

I make no excuses for my harsh treatment of false Christians and try to always make a distinction between Christians and Christianists. The latter group have turned the Gospel massage and the Bible into an instrument of hate and in addition seek to subvert religious freedom for all citizens - even as the disingenuously whine about gays and others wanting "special rights" when in reality it is the Christianists who want special rights over all others. Making matters worse, the main stream media never calls out the Christianists for their lies and hypocrisy. Meanwhile individuals and denominations that actually seek to follow the Gospel directive of love of God and love of neighbor get little or no media attention. The United Church of Christ is one such denomination (as are the Episcopal and ELCA churches) that truly endeavors to accept all who are searching for God and a church home. Here is the United Church of Christ's latest ad showing that gays and marriage equality are important to that denomination. Would that there were more such churches:

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