Sunday, July 12, 2009

Does Religion Do More Harm or Good?

I have wondered out loud on this question a number of times on this blog and sadly often feel that the answer is yes, religion does more harm than good. Just think of the religious wars over the centuries and the countless lives lost. Look too at the bigotry and discrimination that gays and many others suffer daily all because of religion be it Christianity or Islam. This video from the Atlantic Monthly provides an interesting debate. I'd love to hear the thoughts of others.


Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting on someone to explain what it is about religion that turns people into echo chamber ticketape, bumper sticker ignorant, arrogant robotic talking christian conservatives.

ZIRGAR said...

Religion is an odd bird. On a micro/personal level I have seen it help many a person get his or her life set aright, but on a macro/larger level I see it hurting groups of people who it deems inferior. I think religion does both good and bad, and depending on what you seek from it, it will either help or harm. It gives with one hand and takes with the other. Both edges of it are sharp.