Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Finding Self-Acceptance - Further Thoughts

"Listen to and accept the positive assessments of those people who you love and trust...."
That is what Justin, a blogger friend, told me is something that I - and I suspect others seeking to find self-acceptance as well - need to do, whether they are transitioning from being in the closet for many years like I was or trying to find self-acceptance in general. Actually, I think I have done that more than may seem apparent at times, although at other times, I am probably harsher in judging myself than anyone else.
How have I accepted such positive assessments? I think in a number of ways, some of which were perhaps not obvious in my last post on this topic. My therapist, my pastors, and the many friends I have made in my activism activities have given me much affirmation and numerous positive assessments. Even if not always consciously, I think those messages have come through to me and made a huge difference - as has the positive support/energy I receive from other bloggers and so many of my readers. The same holds true for the friendships I have forged since coming out with my friends Martin and Christopher holding a special place of honor in my heart (as do you, Justin).
I'm still a work in progress, but I am much happier as I am now in terms of self-acceptance than ever before - even if I think too much like a lawyer according to some. :)

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Anonymous said...

Michael, You Are A "WORK In PROGRESS" That Is Already An Intelligent, Honest, Compassionate, Good Looking, Empathetic, Generous, Trustworthy, Loving, Romantic, Sympathetic, Easy To Talk To, And Above All - Wonderful Person!