Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunday Evening Thoughts

I have decided that I will go to Charlottesville for Christmas and the staff and I decided we’d have the office closed tomorrow. They stayed late yesterday and got as much done as possible Friday rather than come in tomorrow. Hence, I should be able to get out of town fairly early after running a couple errands I could not do on the weekend. I will leave Bandit, my dog with Matt and Rob who spoil him when I am out of town by letting him sleep with them at night – sleeping on the bed at night is the most wonderful thing to my crazy dog. The ex-wife and my daughters went to New York City to visit my ex-in-laws (if my ears are burning, I will know why). My son is staying in town and has plans with his girlfriend.

A bunch of us went and saw the new National Treasure movie last night at the Commodore – a 1945 vintage theater that has been restored and which serves dinner at tables with plush armchairs. I enjoyed the movie and then we ended up back at Martin and Christopher’s place where Christopher made his wicked rum and vodka punch and some of us over did it (yep, I have been a bit sluggish all day). Therefore, I have spent the day today by going to church – I am back at First Lutheran for now and made it to the late service – then visiting my 92 year old aunt who has moved into an assisted living complex. Mentally, my aunt is still sharp as can be and we talked about things ranging from the state of the economy to our respective thoughts on the presidential candidates. Sadly, physically, she is not in the best of shape which is why she finally gave up her own place and recently made the move.

She is not very happy and I can well understand why. So many of the other residents (even though many are considerably younger than her) are un-talking, zombie like bumps on a log as they sit in the commons area and just stare blankly. While my aunt goes down for meals, she general retreats back to her apartment. She rightly says that it’s not like she can linger and strike up a conversation with most of the other residents. She says she feels that people are living too long. Life spans are extended, but for what if one is going to be warehoused away. I suspect that there are so many elderly across the country in similar settings. My sister who is local and I, as well as my ex-wife who my aunt has remained close with my aunt (my aunt stayed neutral somehow throughout the divorce wars), are going to make a determined effort to visit my aunt as frequently as possible.

The downside of going to visit my mom is that I will have to go to Catholic Church with her for Christmas. As most readers know, I do NOT hold the Catholic Church in high esteem. I think I need someone to get me a black t-shirt like Justin has in the opening credits of Queer as Folk that says on it “God Made Me Gay” for when I attend Catholic services. Yes, I can be perverse. Other than that “penance” the trip should be nice with my sister in Charlottesville hosting dinner at her place on Christmas day.

I will try to post some while I am gone, but make no guarantees. I wish all of you a wonderful Holiday and want to thank you for reading this blog and some of you for taking the time to become friends during the last 8 months.

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Java said...

I'm really glad you are going to Charlottesville. Especially if your daughters will be away. And I hope the Christmas mass won't be too painful. Best wishes, my friend1