Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Mike Huckabee Scares Me

The Concord New Hampshire Monitor has a long article that reviews Mike Huckabee's history on gay related issues ( While not a demagogue like Jerry Falwell, this guy is NO friend to the LGBT community and as I stated at Christmas dinner to my family, if he somehow were to get elected president, I am leaving the USA. On civil rights for gays - and I suspect everyone else - his mindset is that the majority gets to set the rules. The Hell with minorities. The man truly needs to read some history, starting with Jefferson's statute for religious freedom. Here are a few highlights (The added emphasis is mine. I recommend a read of the entire article):
In 2004, when a conservative group successfully lobbied to get a state constitutional amendment banning gay marriage on the ballot, Huckabee took a similar approach. The Arkansas Marriage Amendment Committee announced its intentions at a news conference in the governor's reception room at the capitol. Huckabee, however, wasn't there. He was on a nine-day economic development trip to Asia. Huckabee lent his support to the group and its cause through a spokesman, press accounts said.

"This isn't a ban on 'gay marriage' since, for those of us who believe in the biblical and historical definition, there's no such thing as 'gay marriage,' " said Huckabee, a former Baptist minister. "We can disagree yet respect a homosexual relationship between two consenting adults. But when government is asked to approve the relationship, the people have a right to maintain the traditional definition of marriage." Barth said Huckabee let other Republicans lead on gay-rights issues. The amendment passed with 75 percent of the vote.
[I]n 1998, Huckabee co-wrote a book called Kids Who Kill: Confronting Our Culture of Violence. It was published three months after the fatal school shooting in Jonesboro, Ark. In it, he said the shootings were the result of a decaying society beset by "abortion, environmentalism, AIDS, pornography, drug use and homosexual activism." He also lumped homosexuality with pedophilia, sadomasochism and necrophilia as "publicly endorsed and institutionally supported aberrations."

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