Sunday, December 23, 2007

Pat Robertson: Why is 2% Worth Protecting Against Hate?

Pat Robertson, our number one local embarrassment, has shot off his mouth yet again and shown himself to be a bigoted ass. Via Ex-Gay Watch (, on the 700 Club Robertson said laws protecting LGBT persons are not appropriate because gays and lesbians make up such a small part of the population. Here's a portion of Pat's comments (Ex-Gay Watch has a video clip):

"2% of our population could consider themselves gay or homosexual, and about 1% would consider themselves lesbian. That’s it! … There’s one thing about having ten, fifteen percent or twenty percent of our population being discriminated against, that’s a different matter."

So, according to Pat, discrimination is fine as long as you pick a small group in society as the target of your discriminatory scree. As noted on Ex-gay Watch, the Jews had better watch out under Pat's reasoning. And Guiliani wanted this man's endorsement?

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Java said...

What a dingbat.