Sunday, December 05, 2010

The Family Foundation Continues to Ally Itself With Hate Groups

The Family Foundation based in Richmond, Virginia, has a long history of promoting an over the top anti-gay agenda. Thus, it is surprising that TFF has been silent on the designation of its allies - e.g., Family Research Council, Concerned Women for America, American Family Association, etc. - as either anti-gay groups or anti-gay hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center ("SPLC"). The Family Foundation website continues to proudly state "The Family Foundation is proud to be associated with Dr. James Dobson’s Focus on the Family and its network of nearly forty independent state policy councils." But now missing are all former references to any direct affiliation between TFF and the Family Research Council ("FRC") which have been apparently scrubbed from the main TFF website in the wake of the SPLC hate group designation of FRC. One can only suspect this sanitizing of the TFF website was done since ties to a known hate group might undercut TFF's the effectiveness of TFF's anti-gay efforts in lobbying the Virginia General Assembly.
But the disappearance of these references on the main TFF website doesn't mean that TFF isn't still working hand in glove with FRC and other hate groups. A perusal of TFF's blog reveals the following and confirms TFF's unholy alliance with FRC:
Alliance Defense Fund
Citizen Link
Citizen Link Take Action
Citizen Magazine
Family Research Council
Focus Action
Focus On The Family
FRC Action
FRC Blog
The Cloakroom/FRC Action Blog

Virginia Values Voter PAC Blog
And then there's TFF's ongoing promotion of FRC propaganda: A December 1, 2010 entry on its blog is actively promoting FRC's "Mission Compromised: How the Military is Being Used to Advance a Radical Agenda." The truth is that TFF supports the same agenda as FRC, promotes FRC's activities, and engages in same denigration of gays and use of falsified research and faux experts that lead to FRC's hate group designation by SPLC. This quote from a New York Times article still sums up TFF's attitude towards gay parenting:
Walter E. Barbee, president of the Family Foundation, based in Springfield, Va., said children raised in same-sex households were often stigmatized by other children and thus more prone to suicide or drug abuse than those who grew up in traditional families. "This decision defies centuries of law and natural history," Mr. Barbee said. "We are witnessing another step in the gradual degradation and deconstruction of American society."
Barbee made the statement when the Virginia Supreme Court ruled in the infamous Sharon Bottoms case that a person's homosexuality does not necessarily make that individual an unfit parent. More recently, TFF's current president, Victoria Cobb sided with the now fugitive Lisa Miller in the custody battle between Miller and her former partner, Janet Jenkins.
One can only wonder what is the SPLC waiting for in adding TFF to its list of registered hate groups?

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