Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter!

I want to extend Happy Easter greetings to readers who celebrate the holiday. Today we will go to church with the boyfriends parents and then take them out to lunch. I'd rather attend a Lutheran service, but we will go to Hampton Baptist - which thank God is not affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention - since his parents have been active in that church for years.
Yesterday, we spent the better part of the day moving things out of the storage unit and back into the house. The painting is not yet complete, so everything is staged in the center of the great room and will be moved to rooms as they are completed. The marble floors that are now throughout the first floor look gorgeous and the PVC wainscoting when painted will look elegant and at the same time be waterproof. Indeed, everything from three feet above floor level is non-water absorbent, including the insulation, concrete board that was used instead of sheet rock, and all of the shoe moulding and trim that is likewise made of PVC. If the house ever floods again, we will truly be able to hose it out.
Once everything is back in place, we are going to have a party for friends and neighbors how have been so kind and supportive over the last five months. The boyfriend, a/k/a Martha Stewart, can't wait to have a full kitchen again after so many months.

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