Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thoughts on a Relationship

It has been over three months since I began dating the boyfriend exclusively and in that time he has amazed me continually with his sweetness and inherent goodness. I see it not only in how he treats me, but also in his kindness to others and the near adoration he receives from his many friends, many of whom have known him for decades. Is he a keeper? Most definitely! And together with my children, he's the best thing in my life.
Why do I love him so? It's not just that he's cute, smart, witty, and personable (and for some reason crazy about me). Rather, I love him the most because he has a beautiful soul - and that is what lasts over time. I don't mean to embarrass him with the post. I just want the world to know how wonderful he is. I am looking forward to spending the Thanksgiving holiday with him. First with his family locally and then in Charlottesville with members of my family. Our detractors try to diminish our love and define us negatively, but to me, my love for the boyfriend is incredibly beautiful and I cherish him.

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Anonymous said...

YAY! Happy for you!