Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Reflections

So far the Thanksgiving holiday has been enjoyable with one exception that I will post about once I have better collected all my thoughts and reflections. Thanksgiving day was spent with my boyfriend's family in Newport News and then yesterday almost all of my family - my son and oldest daughter did not attend - gathered in Richmond which is more or less the half way mark between the Tidewater and Charlottesville contingents of my family. My deceased sister's son and daughter were also with us. It was touching and I am glad that the boyfriend and my youngest daughter were with me. Everyone was accepting of the boyfriend. After that we headed to Charlottesville and are staying at my mother's place. Today I am taking the boyfriend to Monticello so that he can experience Thomas Jefferson's amazing home. Later we will likely get together with my sister and her family. The boyfriend continues to be an amazing treasure to me.

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