Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Reflections and Thoughts on "My Walk Down the Pink Carpet"

UPDATED: I spent the afternoon at friends in Virginia Beach - they have a gorgeous house on a lake with a beautiful pool. Today was likely the last of their summer Sunday afternoon potluck pool parties. As always, the crowd was entertaining and the all gay volley ball games in the pool were hysterically funny - there's nothing like a bunch of queens witrh some vodka punch in them to generate hilarious commentary, especially when the referee is doing his best imitation of Linda Richmond from the old SNL skits.
.Last night's fundraiser event with Leslie Jordan was wonderful. His 90 minute show moved by swiftly and was both extremely funny and conveyed an important message about self-acceptance and not trying to live your life as others would have you live it as well. The place was packed as was the post-show event. The boyfriend and I got autographed books and also had a friend take our photo with Jordan who was very friendly and gracious. When I get the photo, I will post it if we come out looking decent. Afterwards, the boyfriend and I went to The Wave for some dancing. All in all, it was a wonderful evening.
This morning marked the first discussion session at my church of the draft ELCA Statement on Human Sexuality which my boyfriend attended with me. It started out a little slow but warmed up in time and focused on gays in the church after an elegant older woman with a Katherine Hepburn accent - she looked to be in her 70's - threw down the gauntlet by stating that in her view sexual orientation was not a choice and that the ELCA just needed to accept that and fully include gays. I shared my experiences and the fact that 37 years of trying to change got me nowhere. Other members of the group added in their views that being gay was not a choice as well. The majority consensus seemed to be with her and it will be interesting to see how the next two sessions proceed. After the session we attended the 11:00 am service - my boyfriend's first time at an ELCA service - and he got to meet my friend from the summers of my youth who attends my parish.

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