Friday, September 19, 2008

Outer Banks Weekend

My posting over the next few days will be reduced since the boyfriend and I are headed down to the Outer Banks of North Carolina later today. As a result computer/Internet access will be reduced. We will be staying at a friend's ocean front vacation home and helping her set up for a weekend house party in a few weeks where a whole bunch of us gay boys and gay friendly straights will descend upon her place. The photo above is a recent one that my son took of a sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean. To me, early morning on the beach or out in the water surfing is such a beautiful and magical time.
The Outer Banks - Hatteras Island in particular - are among my favorite places. It's a desolate beauty in the winter and pure sea, surf and sand in the summer. I have been down countless times, including the "boys' surf trips" I did with my son and various of his friends over the years. Other favorite places are the lake house at Brantingham in the Adirondacks and places in British Columbia that I visited with my son back in 2004. Once one hits the Outer Banks, it is as if the real world has been left behind. I suspect that we will have a wonderful time.

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