Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Boltz Coming Out Shocks Christian Community

Over the weekend I did a post about gospel singer, Ray Boltz, who came out after 33 years of marriage and fathering four children. Not surprisingly, the wingnut, Kool-Aid drinkers are foaming at the mouth and bleating about Boltz's "fall" and "decision to engage in homosexuality." Why let mental health and medical knowledge get in the way of of one's fraudulent, deranged myth that gays CHOOSE to be gay. These people are pathetic and I believe that on Judgment Day, they and not LGBT individuals are going to find a day of reckoning for all the lies, hate and intolerance they have caused. Here's a sampling of the disingenuous things being said about Boltz at the Christianist outlet OneNewsNow (the comments posted by readers are truly illustrative of how crazy these people can be):
There is shock and sadness in the Christian community over word that famed Christian music singer Ray Boltz has publicly announced he’s living a homosexual lifestyle.
When asked about Boltz's homosexuality, The Gospel Music Association -- the group which gives out the Dove Awards -- told the Blade, "We do not comment on the lifestyle choices of people in our community." According to Quinlan [who is now with the New Jersey Family Policy Council], by making such a statement the GMA seems to be "enabling a behavior that is totally inconsistent, incongruent with the message of the gospel."
"I’m absolutely shocked. . . . We now know there is no genetic cause for homosexuality."

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