Sunday, September 14, 2008

McCain/Palin Lying About Crowd Size??

Obviously jealous of Barack Obama's ability to turn out unprecedented crowds, since announce wingnut fruitcake Sarah Palin as his running mate, the McShame campaign has been trying to create spin that suddenly McCain/Palin are drawing large crowds. It turns out that such is perhaps not the case after all and instead is just more of the non-stop lying coming out of the GOP. Increasingly, the McCain/Palin campaign are displaying nothing less than an utter contempt for voters and apparently seem to believe that the larger American public is as simple minded as the Christianist base of the GOP. If truth is such a scarce commodity now, one can only wonder what would McCain/Palin do if elected to office? It appears so far that they'd make the Chimperator look down right honest - a fact that speaks volumes as to why the nation cannot afford a McCain/Palin regime. Here are some highlights from
Sept. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Senator John McCain has drawn some of the biggest crowds of his presidential campaign since adding Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to his ticket on Aug. 29. Now officials say they can't substantiate the figures McCain's aides are claiming. McCain aide Kimmie Lipscomb told reporters on Sept. 10 that an outdoor rally in Fairfax City, Virginia, drew 23,000 people, attributing the crowd estimate to a fire marshal. Fairfax City Fire Marshal Andrew Wilson said his office did not supply that number to the campaign and could not confirm it.
In recent days, journalists attending the rallies have been raising questions about the crowd estimates with the campaign. In a story on Sept. 11 about Palin's attraction for some Virginia women voters, Washington Post reporter Marc Fisher estimated the crowd to be 8,000, not the 23,000 cited by the campaign.
The McCain campaign said 10,000 people showed up at the Consol Energy Arena in Washington, Pennsylvania, home of the Washington Wild Things baseball team. The campaign attributed that estimate, and several that followed, to U.S. Secret Service figures, based on the number of people who passed through magnetometers. ``We didn't provide any numbers to the campaign,'' said Malcolm Wiley, a spokesman for the U.S. Secret Service.

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