Monday, May 19, 2008

Wing Nuts Pressuring Congress for a "Ten Commandment Weekend"

As Bob Felton has noted at Civil Commotion, The American Family Association is rejoicing to report that the number of organizations signing-on to demand that the United States Congress set aside a weekend for honoring the Ten Commandments is growing. As Bob correctly points out, why can't these fundies celebrate the Ten Commandments on their own without Congress’ endorsement of them? I would add further, why have a "Ten Commandment Weekend" when the organizations lobbying for the designation are among the most disingenuous circulators of lies and untruths imaginable? It would seem to me that if AFA and similar Christianist groups truly want to honor the Ten Commandments, they could start by ending all of their deliberate lying and dissemination of hate and intolerance. Oops, I forgot - it really all a media stunt by the Christianists and the GOP members of Congress kissing the hypocritical asses of the likes of Don Wildmon, James Dobson at FOF and Tony "KKK" Perkins at FRC. Here's a sample of the AFA's blather:
"Both of these [resolutions] would authorize a Ten Commandments weekend in order to recognize the Ten Commandments as the foundation of law in this country,” Murray explains. “But with Nancy Pelosi in charge of the House and Harry Reid in charge of the Senate, we can’t have a voice. We can’t get these out and open and celebrate the Ten Commandments,” he contends.
Note how they forget that the U. S. Constitution is the foundation of the civil laws in this nation, not the whackout Christianist version of the Bible. Would that we could ship all these theocrats off to Tehran.

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