Thursday, May 22, 2008

Why I Moderate Comments

As happens from time to time, I have been asked by an anonymous poster - they are always the ones asking the question - as to why do I moderate comments on this blog? The asnwer is pretty simple. I do it for a couple of reasons.
The first is that because this is a gay theme oriented blog, from time to time I receive extremely hateful, vicious and nasty comments from anti-gay religious kooks. I have no desire to (a) provide a platform for the rantings of these folks, or (b) expose my regular readers to such vile trash. Let these religious nutcases set up their own blog. Bloger is free, afterall.
The second reason is that often I do not publish comments from anonymous commenters. My view is that if someone lacks the courage to identify themselves either via an e-mail address or a link to their blog that can be seen by me and/or other readers, then I have the option of rejecting their comment. If you want to debate me or challenge my views, then have the guts to identify yourself. If you don't have the courage and integrity to do so, then I may reject your comments if I so decide. It's that simple. This is MY blog.

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